My Baby Brother

Marley was my alarm clock. He would wake me up every day at 0600 hours. He would sit outside the door, wait for me to get out of the shower. Sit beside me for breakfast, demanding his share. Every day, he would try to stop me from going to college. And every evening, he would be at the gate to shower me with all the love and affection in the world.

I brought him home when he was a month old. He was so scared that I had to sit up, with him on my lap, till dawn. I remember the joy I felt while coming back from college that day, my babyboy was waiting for me. He always gave company in the drawing room while I watched TV late into the night; he would fall asleep. And as I carried him to bed, he would open his eyes to see who it was. Only to go back to sleep knowing he was in my arms.

He loved chewing things- chewed off half my bike’s mudguard once! He could carry an entire coconut inside his mouth and would open it up over the course of a week. He would steal my coffee when I wasn’t looking. He was a child. He was my baby brother, who would’ve come between me and any danger without a thought.

I could write a thousand stories about him, and yet have more to say. And these stories keep me awake tonight.



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