Murdering people and destroying heritage has been the MO of our species. When I first read about the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, I thought it would never happen in the modern world. I thought we had come a long way since then. That we had more respect for culture and heritage.

But then we had the Taliban destroying Buddhist statues, and now, Islamic State destroying ancient temple in Palmyra. Both these groups destroy monuments to condemn idolatry. History destroyed for religion.

Now religion was the science of its day. Back when humans wondered how the universe worked, religion gave us answers. It helped us make sense of things. Then came the scientific method, and science itself. Today science helps define the workings of the universe.  This is not to say that religion has outlived its purpose; it is still important. Like Marx said, “It is the opium of the people” (he is not referring to opium as an addictive substance, but as a painkiller).

So in the end, all this is about whose version of the world is ‘real’. But we will always have differences. And someday, we will learn to live with these differences in opinion and embrace diversity.


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