Keep running

There are times when I feel a little low; thinking about where I’m heading, and if all this is going to amount to anything. It is a horrible feeling. Then I think about what my 16 year old self would’ve thought about this 25 year old guy.

Govindan was headboy at 16. He believed in lofty ideals. He wanted to live on his own terms; change the world. He believed that the only way to live without regrets is to do what is right at every point in time. That 16 year old boy is the benchmark that I keep going to.

The 16 year old me would’ve adored this guy. I still cling to those ideals, and I believe that they define me. I am trying to change the world in small ways. I earn a living doing something I like, and I am drinking life to the lees. I still practise that old mantra and so I don’t have regrets.

Think about who the best version of you was. The next time you feel low and out of focus, think what that young guy would’ve thought, what he would’ve done differently. You’ll find a way to get back on top of things.


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