Perseverance is Key

I went for an 80 kms trek through the Western Ghats last weekend.

I climbed misty mountains


Waded through rivers


Crossed a waterfall


Walked through tunnels of plants that bloom once in 8 years


Climbed down rocks in the darkness


Yes, I’m smiling in the picture, and that’s because I know I’m just a few hours away from a hot shower and a hot cup of coffee. That’s what pushed me through those 72 hours; the thought of a hot shower and a hot coffee.

I was drenched to the bone. I had to wear wet socks and wet shoes. My boxers were rubbing into my thighs, and my 50 litre backpack felt like it weighed a tonne.

So why did I go through all this? Well, I kept asking myself the same thing!

I know two kinds of people who go on treks – people who like nature, and people who want to prove something to themselves. I do it to push myself to the limits, to see how far I can push my endurance.

I make through with thoughts of getting home. I guess that’s all it takes to get through life too; the will to get to home no matter what the odds.


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