Eradicating Racism

I remember watching a show on Discovery that talked about how the human body is built to be prey. So like most prey species, we form herds (tribes) to find safety in numbers. But this survival instinct causes a huge social problem in the modern world – racism.

Animals tend to herd with other individuals who exhibit similar physical and behavioural traits. Humans are no exception to this tendency. To add fuel to fire, there were multiple homo species roaming the prehistoric world, competing for resources.  Thus, it is no surprise that we have subconscious prejudices against people who we perceive as alien.

Isn’t it time we got over this? We know for a fact that all humans are one species. That we might look different but are the same. The trouble with racism is that most of us don’t realise that we are racist.

Before you read further, take the Implicit Association Test (IAT) at

When I took the test, I was aware of my racist preferences. So I made a conscious effort to not be racist. Thus, it said that I have a slight automatic preference and not high.

We are global citizens. We do not want to be racist. Hence, once we discover our racist subconscious, we will eradicate it. But discovering it is vital. 


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