What if

Our Universe has an infinite number of stars and planets. And yet, we know of only one with life – our pale blue dot. And what if we are alone? What if there were no terrestrial civilisations before us? What if we are the only life there is? I believe that there are other civilisations out there, planets teeming with life. But, Earth being the only planet with life is a much scarier proposition.

People of the ancient world did not have access to the information we have now. To them, the Universe was a finite space, something they could imagine and comprehend. (There were texts which talked about how the Universe was incomprehensible. But without the evidence that we have now, they would’ve remained in the realm of philosophy.) To be the only ones to inhabit this finite space meant they were nature’s privileged lot. Sharing this space with someone was an uncomfortable thought.

We have always liked to believe in what feels most comfortable. And with what we now know of the Universe, believing we are one of the many hotspots of life is just that – a comfort bubble. If life was rare, it would be up to us to populate the rest of the Universe. We are the privileged lot. And if we are to fail, all life is lost. Scary isn’t it?

Either way, we have to spread out and survive.

Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here.”– Interstellar


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  1. It is mind-big-bang-blowing, isn’t it? Pale blue dot – you nailed it. That’s what we are. And there are people like ” I want to dominate world” ” I want to show them who I am ” ” My life is so freaking important” and blah blah. We forget how insignificant we are. It is possible that there could be many more civilization or may be not. We are incredibly short in our capacity which needed to explore such vast universe.


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