Keeping Your Employees Happy

The army has always fascinated me. Soldiers ready to live, kill, and die for a cause. I believe every company has to aspire to have that kind of dedication from their employees. (not the kill part though!) The soldier believes in the cause, and that’s what drives his commitment. So how does a company do the same?

Simon Sinek, in his TED talk, says that great firms get people to buy their products by focussing on “Why” they do what they do. The same goes for employees. It is very important that the people who work for you know the “why”.

Why? Look at the header. The guy who painted that is shouting, “I was here. I hunted deer. So don’t forget me dear!”  That’s the biggest drive – the desire to be remembered. For one’s life to mean something. To make some contribution to the world. Now if you can show your employees how they are changing the world, you have their devotion.

But wait! This is just half the equation – the emotional half. The other half is all about money (not the army, remember?). No matter how invested they are in your cause, the money you pay plays a significant part in how valued they feel.

So find people who believe in your cause, people who will toil for you, and pay them well. That’s how you become a great employer.


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