Disasterpiece- the Love Story Montage

Halfway down the drink, I started to notice how pretty she was. Curly hair, that sparkle in her eyes, she looks at me, and I am in love. I smile and she smiles back.

“You can give people equal rights, but you cannot ensure equality of goods and services.”, I said.

Now why on Earth did I say that?!

“That’s profound. Have you been reading Voltaire lately?”, she asked.

“Yes. I believe you can give people equal opportunities, but you cannot ensure that they use opportunities equally.”

“Hmmm…so one should make use of opportunities as and when they present themselves.”, she winked.


Went on our first date two days after that.

“I am a fanboy and I love dogs”, I said. “I am a trekkie and I love cats”, said she.

“What shall become of us?”, she asked. We fell in love that day, and over the next few months I became the Kirk to her Spock, and she, Leia to my Han.

The margarita didn’t help when she said, “Costume design in the US, that’s what I want to do. I’ve started applying to colleges.”

And there was silence.

“I do not want to leave India”, I said a few minutes later.

We parted ways without saying another word. She didn’t try to persuade me to go with her, and I loved her for that!

I sat in bus no. 622 listening to “Let Her Go” on repeat, thinking about how I was ruining something that could be great by being naive. The idea of a country is temporary. But so is love. Will I meet another who will accept my eccentricities and fill the holes in my soul?

I sat on the couch with two mugs when she walked in.

“Hot chocolate after Japanese class. And I thought I’d end up being the old cat lady some day!”, she said.

I smiled and said, “I am looking into a Publishing course in NYU.”

Spock nearly shed tears of joy that day.

The house is filled with too many memories. I have to get out. I have to run. I put my shoes on, run down the stairs, and into the street below.

Running helps me get out this misery. But not today.

“Why haven’t you wished me yet?”, she said over the phone as I sat at my desk in office. I forgot her birthday.

I passed by the CCD where I stood her up. I did not answer her call. I was in a meeting.

I passed by the park where I trained for the half-marathon. She always came to cheer me on.

All those times where I failed to listen to her. When I did not show empathy. All that, and what did I gain? What did I lose? Nothing.

All good love stories are incomplete.


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