Keeping Your Employees Happy

The army has always fascinated me. Soldiers ready to live, kill, and die for a cause. I believe every company has to aspire to have that kind of dedication from their employees. (not the kill part though!) The soldier believes in the cause, and that's what drives his commitment. So how does a company do... Continue Reading →

The Need to Be Needed

I have always been a control freak. I am not good at delegating. I believe I am the chosen one! I feel I have points to make in a meeting or a discussion that will influence the outcome. This makes me fiercely competitive and arrogant. In short, I have a strong “need to be needed”.... Continue Reading →

The Leadership Experiment

Back in college, one of my professors said, “A true leader eliminates the necessity for leadership”. Sounded like a paradox to me then; someone working to make their role redundant. Now I know he was talking about empowering one’s team; giving them the power to make decisions and letting them take accountability. How do you... Continue Reading →

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