The mud and earth help me feel alive. Reports and meetings help me think that I'm doing something with my life.


He sat staring at the monitor. His breath grew shallow and his fingers lost their strength as fear crept up on him. He has been living alone for a while now. "How long has it been?", he wondered, "12 months? A year... Yes. That's...that's what they said. It has been a year! Oh wow..." He wondered if he... Continue Reading →

The Battle Within

As the echoes of battle filled my ear, The sound of certain death I did not hear. Nor did my mind falter in fear, For I was fighting for all that is dear. My son who's eyes glowed with pride, Gave me strength to take swift strides. My wife who's beauty no darkness could hide,... Continue Reading →

Onam – The Return of the King

One of my friends showed me an article that was posted against Onam celebrations in his college. Now here is why I think it is absolute bullshit! Festival are social constructs to get people to identify and relate to a singularity. They usually stem out of mythology, with roots that go deep into prehistory. Onam... Continue Reading →

My Baby Brother

Marley was my alarm clock. He would wake me up everyday at 0600 hours. He would sit outside the door, wait for me to get out of the shower. Sit beside me for breakfast, demanding his share. Everyday, he would try to stop me from going to college. And every evening, he would be at the... Continue Reading →

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