Yes, I am an atheist

You create a product that people might/might not want. Your product is new and unique so everyone jumps on the bandwagon. A while later, they realise that they have issues with your product. So they contact your service centre. Your customer service guys redirect these people to different departments, and nobody offers them a solution. God sounds... Continue Reading →

The Need to Be Needed

I have always been a control freak. I am not good at delegating. I believe I am the chosen one! I feel I have points to make in a meeting or a discussion that will influence the outcome. This makes me fiercely competitive and arrogant. In short, I have a strong “need to be needed”.... Continue Reading →

Success = Confidence + Imagination

What if I proved to you that I was from 2077. And that in my time, you are the richest person in history? You will have infinite confidence; now that you know that no matter what, you’ll be rich beyond your dreams. That’s how imagination and confidence work hand-in-hand. They are super-powers (of sorts) that... Continue Reading →

What if

Our Universe has an infinite number of stars and planets. And yet, we know of only one with life - our pale blue dot. And what if we are alone? What if there were no terrestrial civilisations before us? What if we are the only life there is? I believe that there are other civilisations out there, planets teeming... Continue Reading →


He sat staring at the monitor. His breath grew shallow and his fingers lost their strength as fear crept up on him. He has been living alone for a while now. "How long has it been?", he wondered, "12 months? A year... Yes. That's...that's what they said. It has been a year! Oh wow..." He wondered if he... Continue Reading →

Eradicating Racism

I remember watching a show on Discovery that talked about how the human body is built to be prey. So like most prey species, we form herds (tribes) to find safety in numbers. But this survival instinct causes a huge social problem in the modern world - racism. Animals tend to herd with other individuals... Continue Reading →

Do what you want to do

I have been growing my beard for four months now, and I look like a barbarian (the kind you’d expect to see on a Viking longboat!) People have been asking me why. Well, I studied in a school where you had to have a clean shave and a crew cut, went on to study in a... Continue Reading →

Inner Peace

We will colonise other planets in the coming century. A new start, but how do we ensure that it is a better start? I feel we should start with religion. Religion has come to be one of the loci that defines our species. We have seen what it can do to us, what it is... Continue Reading →

The Battle Within

As the echoes of battle filled my ear, The sound of certain death I did not hear. Nor did my mind falter in fear, For I was fighting for all that is dear. My son who's eyes glowed with pride, Gave me strength to take swift strides. My wife who's beauty no darkness could hide,... Continue Reading →

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